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Alice Paul was force-fed and incarcerated in November 1917 while fighting for her right to vote. The resulting press attention and continued demonstrations kept the pressure on President Woodrow Wilson. He announced his support for women’s suffrage in 1918 and the 19th Amendment was ratified in 1920.



TAMMY BALDWIN, the Senator-Elect from Wisconsin, will become the first openly gay person ever elected to Senate.

MAZIE HIRONO, the Senator-Elect from Hawaii, will become the first Asian-American woman in Senate.

TAMMY DUCKWORTH, the Representative-Elect for Illinois, will become the first disabled female veteran elected to the House of Reps. (she lost both her legs in the Iraq War).

Tonight is one for the history books.

Women make up “half the sky” but still only 20% on the Senate. We are on our way towards progress but we aren’t there yet. Still 1 in 5 is something to celebrate and this is outstanding for all the women who were elected.

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